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CleanCut/Safety Step

bathtub-with-doorSave thousands! The cost to install CleanCut is a fraction of the cost compared to installing a new Walk-In Bathtub or shower.CleanCut allows easier access to bathtubs without the expensive remodeling cost.

CleanCut adds a water-tight door to your tub and converts your bathtub into a Walk-In Bathtub. No more struggling getting in or out of your bathtub. The conversion is done on your existing tub and can be completed in just a few hours! 

Fresh Finishes’ certified CleanCut installers have fitted Safeway Tub Doors for satisfied customers across the Greater Sacramento Area. Call Fresh Finishes at 916 799-4961 schedule an appointment today. 

CleanCut will make your bathroom safer by: 

• Reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. 
• Giving you, or the person you care for, easier access to the bathtub. 
• Allowing seniors and individuals with disabilities to stay in their home longer. 
• Saving you thousands of dollars over the cost of a walk-in bathtub. 

CleanCut is ideal for installations in: 

• Assisted/Senior Living & Public Housing 
• Home Owners & Caregivers 
• Hotel Owners 

More Information 

To learn more about how CleanCut can make your bathroom safer, or for someone you care for, click on Find a Location or call our toll free locator number, 916 799-4961 to reach our Safeway Step licensed professionals.